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History of the Ronick Herd - Cows
Ronick Limousin
Ronick Limousin

Fingask Natalie and Keerholme Pandora
The Ronick Herd started as a hobby in March 1980 when Ronald Dick aged only 18 at the time decided to spend his then life-long savings on an in-calf cow with heifer calf at foot namely Fingask Natalie and Keerholme Pandora for 5500gns. David at the same sale purchased his first maiden heifer Skelden Ombre for 3200gns. It was as a result of Ronald’s interest that the herd prefix of Ronick was formed by merging the two names together.

The majority of the existing females today have been bred from a nucleus of approximately 20 females that were purchased throughout the 1980’s at various dispersals and breeding sales. The principal ones to mention in addition to Natalie and Ombre are Druk Oiseau, Hampton Maria, Olivette, Rive, Heckington Pipkin, Oakley Onde, Cockleshell Tracy, Cockleshell Tara, Orchard Vanilla, Broadmeadows Vera, Swanington Begonie and last but not least Broadmeadows Ainsi.

Notable Purchases
March 1980 Fingask Natalie and Keerhome Pandora 5500gns
Skelden Ombre 3200gns
July 1980

Druk Oiseau – Top priced in-calf heifer 4200gns
Druk Dispersal - Druk Pompadour – Top priced maiden heifer 4000gns

October 1980 Tanhill Martel and Tanhill Rondelle at foot 4100gns Hampton Maria and Hartside Rebecca at foot 2800gns
Olivette and Harvest Ringo at foot 3600gns
1981 3 Full French heifers imported by Albert Howie - Rive, Rina and Ramure
May 1981 Heckington Pipkin 2800 gns
October 1981 Gorton Roma – Top priced heifer 3200gns. ILC Official Sale
Feb 1985 Goldies Utah purchased as a maiden heifer 2600gns
May 1985 Purchased Orchard Herd including principally Fifi, Oakley Nina and daughters
July 1986 Oakley Onde and Oakley Blossom at foot 7000gns. Oakley Inaugural sale
July 1988 Cockleshell Tracy and Cockleshell Dolly at foot 4850gns
November 1988 Broadmeadows Vera 7200gns
Broadmeadows First Dispersal - Broadmeadows Ainsi 8200gns
July 1989 Swanington Begonie 3600 gns

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